Whale Watch

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Wyland® Open Whale Tail w/Glass Bead Necklace
Whether you want to commemorate that first time you saw a whale breach the surface or desire the strength and good luck that sailors associate with seeing a whale tale, this necklace is a keepsake worth treasuring. Made of sterling silver, the open charm has a delicate allure while the recycled blue glass bead adds just the right touch of calming color. The beauty and significance of our natural world is expressed in the Wyland Foundation Jewelry Collection, a Crazy Shirts exclusive. These ornamental pieces bring you back to your favorite days in the islands, on the water or at the beach and, with 20% of each purchase directly benefiting the Wyland Foundation, they are a great way to support the artist’s lifelong mission to protect our marine environments.
Short-Sleeve Humpback Trio Coconut Scoop Neck T-Shirt
Humpback mothers are very protective of their babies, who stay with her for the first year of their lives and remain forever bonded to her. You'll feel that strong family connection with this pod of majestic creatures swimming across your tee. Made from 100% cotton that is ring-spun then combed to make it luxuriously soft, this tee also features a scoop neck and relaxed cut to be both cute and comfortable. The unique color comes from our specialty dying process that uses real coconut. We only use environmentally friendly water-based inks that penetrate the material's fiber resulting in more vibrant colors, softer feel and artwork that doesn't crack or peel. Plus, it is proudly printed in the United States for quality you can see and designs that stand the test of time.
Wyland Sighting Round Ocean w/Whale Tail Necklace
Whale tail sightings are exhilarating, but almost always fleeting. You'll get that feeling of excitement every time you wear this beautiful necklace, but it will stay with you for years to come as this pendant becomes an integral and treasured part of your everyday wardrobe. Handcrafted from locally sourced .925 silver by an artisan jewelry caster in Southern California, this design sparkles like sun dancing on the Pacific Ocean. Wyland is a dedicated conservationist, which is why 20% of each sale of these items goes to the Wyland Foundation's mission to help children and families rediscover the importance of healthy oceans and waterways.
Wyland® Logo Navy Fitted Twill Hat
When it comes to ocean artwork Wyland is tops. So what better way to honor this conservationist and the amazing creatures his name has become synonymous with than with a head topper that's sure to make a splash. This hat is made with 100% cotton twill fabric and has an interior sweatband to wick away moisture. It is enzyme washed so it's soft and has a pre-formed plastic bill to look broken-in from the first day you put it on. The adjustable Flip-N-Grip Soft buckle system allows for a great fit. One size fits most.
Wyland® Whale Tail Necklace
Everybody who has seen a whale slide its tale up out of the water and then splash it back down understands why the whale tale has come to signify power. Equally mighty is this necklace that captures all the majesty and strength of these amazing sea creatures. Made of silver, this necklace is a great way to remember a trip to the islands or to show off your love for these complex and intelligent mammals. Inspired by legendary marine life artist Wyland, 20% of the proceeds from this piece benefit Wyland Foundation's programs for clean water and healthy oceans.