Pine Dyed

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Pine Dyed Twill Pants
These pants have a military fatigue look but they're anything but tired. In fact, the dark green color that comes from real pine needle tea is full of life so they'll grow on you more and more each time your wear them and energize your wardrobe. Made from breathable, heavyweight twill fabric, these pants also have a versatility that's enhanced by their effortless style that features an elastic drawstring waistband, easy-to-access front pockets and a slim yet comfortable fit. Whether you want something more vibrant than your old blue jeans or a pair of khakis for dinner, our twill pants can answer the call for both and everything in between.
Pine Dyed Crazyshorts® Twill Shorts
There's a reason olive drab got its name-it's lacking luster. Our new pine-dyed color takes army green to a new level with a depth of color and piney polish straight from the forest. Built for an active lifestyle, these shorts are made from 100% cotton twill. With an elastic waistband for the perfect fit you can always count on, they manage to bridge the gap between casual and stylish. Details include deep front pockets to keep items secure, reinforced pocket seams to prevent ripping and a continuous, triple-stitched drawstring that won 't get lost in the wash. Pair this with your favorite Crazy Shirt and you'll be ready for any adventure.
Pine Dyed Canton Pants
Make your old pants green with envy with our newest specialty dyed style. With a deep, green color that comes from a dye that's made from real pine needle tea, these pants will make you feel as free as the wind through the trees and strong as an evergreen's roots. The relaxed fit and comfortable brushed backing on the inside of these pants make them great for lounging around while the heavyweight twill cotton and banded rib-knit elastic waistband and cuffs make them a more handsome and durable alternative to sweat pants. Their versatility is enhanced by the three-pocket design, further proving that these are the pants of choice for those living a true islander lifestyle.