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Long-Sleeve Moana Honu Charcoal Swim Shirt
Charcoal and water don't usually mix but we're changing that with this new swim shirt. The dark color lets everyone know you mean business when you're in the water while the traditional sea turtle graphics let them know you believe in what our ancestors believed—caring for the ocean so it will care for us. You can take that ideology a step further because this top is made from recycled water bottles thereby keeping them out of landfills and our oceans. As you can tell, we take preserving our natural habitat pretty seriously, but we also like to have fun. That's why this top also has an all over "hydro print" design that magically appears when you get it wet. Plus, it's lightweight and slim-fitting so you can have a light-hearted time in the water without all that annoying billowing.
Moana Honu Charcoal Hydro Print Board Short
If you've ever seen a film about a little, lost orange fish then you probably know that sea turtles love to surf waves and currents. You can channel your inner honu in these cool new board shorts. They're made from a polyester material created from recycled plastics to be super-lightweight and good for the environment. We've added a Lycra insert over the Velcro fly for comfort and a welt pocket on wearer’s right side leg with a key FOB for convenience and safety. All that's well and good but as any surfer knows being in the water is suppose to fun so these shorts also have a special design that appears when wet. Cowabunga dudes!
Short-Sleeve Moana Honu Cement Swim Shirt
Sea turtles' lineage goes back 150 million years to the Jurassic period yet they still swims in our waters today. That combo of old and new comes to life in this swim shirt. The block and swirl designs are a throwback to traditional Hawaiian culture. But on the flip side, the fabric, made from polyester (PET) fabric created from recycled plastic bottles, is totally state of the art. Plus, it's super-lightweight and even has built-in 50+SPF and hidden tribal designs that appear when you get it wet.
Hulaflage Camo Green Board Short
The distinct pattern of our hulaflage shorts combines Hawaiian foliage and hula girls in the coolest camo you’ve ever seen. Made from a blend of nylon, cotton and polyester, these quick-dry, lightweight shorts are great for anyone who’s active. Surfers won’t be the only ones that dig the classic boardshort style thanks to a special wash that lends them a cool vintage looks and feel.