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Tribal Slap Dance Light Steel Eco Hydroprint Board Shorts
Performed by men and boys of all ages, the Polynesian slap dance is a traditional display of artistry and harmony-making it a perfect name for these swim shorts. The artistry comes alive in the dynamic tribal designs that change when wet thanks to our unique HydroPrint technology. The fabric is made from PET Polyethylene Teraphthalate, which is made from recycled plastic bottles to keep you in sync with your environment. It's also quick drying so you can go from the water to the world without changing. Add in an elastic key fob located in pocket and a Lycra insert at fly front to avoid rubbing against the Velcro closure and you've got convenience and comfort unheard of in a board short.
Hulaflage Camo Green Board Short
Take to the beach this season in cool, Camo style. These quick-dry, lightweight swim shorts are every bit as cool as they are comfortable.
Kawa Kawa Navy Eco Hydroprint Board Shorts
Kawa means leaping place as in a cliff above the ocean from which swimmers jump into the water below. It's the perfect name for these kids swim shorts which are sure to make a splash—and not only because of its tribal artwork. They're also made using polyester (PET) fabric that comes from recycled plastic bottles. This special material is lightweight and comfortable no matter how many dives or cannonballs he does thanks to the addition of spandex that gives 'em just the right amount of give. These shorts also give him a bit of a surprise thanks to the built-in "magic" HydroPrint designs that appear only when wet.
Island Tropics Black Eco Hydroprint Board Shorts
Was $62.00
Now $49.60
Feel at one with the ocean just like the first Hawaiians did with this cool throwback design. Full of aquatic imagery and tribal-inspired artwork, they make you look as powerful as the waves and currents that brought our ancestors to these great islands. These shorts are perfect for an active beach lifestyle thanks to the lightweight and seamless construction. They also contain a hidden pattern when wet, but since they are quick drying you'll have to be on the lookout to see it. Made from recycled plastic bottles so they're good for the environment, you'll be comfortable wearing these shorts for more than one reason.