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Crazy Shirts Royal Tri Logo Poncho
Rainforests. Waterfalls. Whale watching. Rainbow creating sun showers. A lot of the really great thing about Hawaii can also get you really wet. That's why you should always have a poncho handy. And this one is definitely handy thanks to its 100% PVC construction and one-size-fits-all, easy-on, easy-off pullover design. The result is a cover that's convenient, water-resistant and easily packable in a backpack or bag. Great for all your outdoor adventures, it's even got a classic Crazy Shirts logo so you can the island spirit with you wherever there's water.
Maui Brewing Co. Logo Gray Heather Trucker Hat
If there was any question why we love Maui Brewing Co. then this cool logo shows why. Hawaii, hops and honu. Come on, it doesn't get any better than that. With a sweat band infused with gel for temperature regulation, a mesh back for breathability and adjustable snap closure for a comfortable fit, these hats make you feel like you're living on easy street. Plus, the cotton front panel and curved bill make it look broken-in without feeling broken down.