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Freelance Artist Program

Crazy Shirts welcomes the submission of artwork from Freelance Artists.

We value the contributions of artists from around the globe and leverage the talents of independent artisans to produce top quality, unique designs.

We frequently purchase new artwork and communicate regularly with our Freelancers to advise them of specific design topic ideas and deadlines for upcoming Design Reviews.

Selected Freelance designs are purchased outright for a fee of $1,000 (ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS) USD. In addition to the buyout, the selected artwork is eligible for a bonus based on the design's success. Specific sales goals are assigned to the design based on the intended market and distribution. Once sales goals are met, additional incentives will be paid. Since there is no set limit to the number of designs we may choose to purchase from any one artist, you are welcome to submit art as often as you'd like!

If you are interested in receiving more detailed information, please email our Freelance Art Coordinator - Renata at